SEO Challenge 1 – Create great content

5 March 2018

High quality content is really important. You know your stuff, and you have something to say. People want to hear from you, so get the word out. Word of mouth is powerful, so create something people will want to share.

This one step starts sowing seeds that, over time (long game, remember), will reward you in a number of ways. There’s more on this in my guide, but basically good content leads to connection with your audience, boosts your authority in your niche, and can create links and brand awareness. Plus regular blog posts or other updated contents shows that your site is active, and that looks good to readers and search engines alike.

So this is me showing up. I can procrastinate content creation at an international level. So if I’m blogging, you can do it too.

Find a nice balance: put the work in, write something good, something that your audience will enjoy, but if you’ve been putting it off for awhile, just dive in, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just has to be good. And while you’re writing about what you love, you’re improving SEO at the same time. Check you out!

If you’d like some accountability, leave a comment below. Come back later when you’ve written something new for your site and I’ll share it if I can.

I’ll be back next week and we can face Challenge #2 together.

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